GoBiz Office at your Service! 

Outsourcing is in!


In the age of the internet it is possible to work with virtual assistants regardless of location and time zones


Are you looking for help in your office? You have found it.


Relief in all commercial and marketing areas.


With a  range of office services we can be of assistance to all freelancers, small or medium businesses as well as private enterprises.


We will take care of all office related tasks, exactly those things that take you away from being productive.


The services are very flexible, part time, full time or just once in a while.


You will get the support when you need it, for example you are temporarily short staffed, work load has mounted up, you have received a large order and find it difficult to cope, in any case we can be available at your premises or remotely. Naturally this depends on distance. etc.


For sure you know the feeling, paper mountains appear in your office, you are slowly losing the overview of what needs to be done first or perhaps even miss some very important appointments.


We will help to bring the balance back to your office. You will not only save time but will also clear your head of all those niggly small things and be able to focus again on the important task in your business or life.


Get in contact with us and explain what you need. We have a solution for most of the tight spaces you may find yourself in.  For more information visit: www.gobiz-os.de


Welcome to business without borders


Create valuable cross-border business relationships and customer-boosting product placements through our tailored GoBizNetwork





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