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Whatever your role in the media or entertainment industries, we’ll help increase your audience and boost your sales. Since the early 1990s, TV companies, advertising agencies, publishers, editors, photographic agencies, video makers and more have trusted our creative vision, expertise and contacts to enhance the profiles of their businesses and their clients.


Media outlets get high-impact, audience-boosting content.


Whether you want a cover star for your magazine, an exclusive location for your photo-shoot, or words that jump off the page and into your audience’s imagination, we can make it happen.


Why you need us

Working with you, and on your organisation’s behalf, we can:

  • Plan, co-ordinate and execute your production
  • Source the right pictures, illustrations or video for your project
  • Source existing text or get it produced by English or German copywriters or journalists
  • Organise and action photographic and video shoots and illustration creation
  • Source and book locations for shoots and events, and obtain all necessary permits
  • Secure and conduct interviews with celebrities or expert authorities for TV shows, newspapers or magazines
  • Negotiate fees and obtain rights clearance


We offer vibrant, creative content and solutions that complement your brand, and sync seamlessly with the lifestyles, aspirations and media and consumer habits of today’s audiences. To find out how we can help you, contact us today

Welcome to business without borders


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